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An Honest Review of

Equipped with a simple but detailed step by step form completion system coupled with an up-to-date database of form for all the 50 States in the United States, is a site that you cannot ignore when having a conversation about Do-It-Yourself online divorces.

Complete case not only gives users detailed instructions and guidance but also gives petitioners a money-back guarantee which firmly assures users that they will receive excellent services if they choose to use this site. Our claims are substantiated by the fact that is currently ranked third among the top DIY divorce websites in the United States. You can, therefore, rest easy because this site is a great choice for an amicable divorce.

Additionally, a petitioner is guaranteed with around-the-clock customer service; users’ can easily access customer care assistants through email and phone. Live chat is still unavailable, but you can be assured that the response will still be prompt, which will ensure that all customer complaints and issues are quickly being addressed and resolved. Although some users prefer Live Chat, the customer care personnel of has a solid reputation for being helpful, respectful, friendly and very professional.

We are particularly impressed with the fact that this firm has remained successful despite being around for a long time considering how ever-changing and ever-adapting the web scene is. Despite being around for a long time, Complete Case still has a good reputation coupled with an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients. Although it is tough to validate the reviews, it cannot be denied that this site does an excellent job and is committed to helping divorce petitioners have an easy time during the divorce process.

Another big plus is that offers its services to all the 50 states in the United States as well as Canada. No other divorce website can make this claim at the moment of us writing this.


Price: The Major Limitation

As compared to hiring an actual attorney, the price tag of $299 is an affordable alternative. However, this price tag is quite difficult to justify when other leading sites such as (our Number one Choice) are way cheaper yet still offer quality services coupled with great perks such as a case manager who handles a petitioner’s case. Even (our number 2 pick) is also cheaper than Complete Case and has better perks and great services. The online DIY divorce market is rapidly expanding, and the prices are going down; for instance, a new site Divorce Station is utilizing a hybrid system that enables it to offer as low as $50 DIY and $149 (when a case manager is attached). If does not take the prerogative to reduce its price tag, there is a very real chance that it will become obsolete in the near future.

Reputable shows like Good Morning America have recognized and acknowledged the impressive services that Complete Case offers customers. This is a firm assurance that this site is fully committed to customer satisfaction.

Although this site lacks perks such as qualified case managers and charges a relatively high price, it still has a solid reputation. If you are good with handling your divorce without these perks, then this site is a feasible choice for you.


Conclusion From Our Review is our number three pick, and we highly recommend it. Although the price is a justified cause for concern, especially if you consider that the market has cheaply priced eager newcomers that are heading to the market, the services are still well-structured and efficient. The commitment and dedication of Complete Case’s personnel will undoubtedly help petitioners undertake DIY divorces hassle-free.