How to File For Divorce In Litchfield California 96117 Without A Lawyer

Are you going through a hard time with your spouse and looking for a affordable way to divorce, but don’t know the best alternative available in Litchfield, California, 96117? Don’t worry, we are here to help you to make the process as painless and cheap as possible. The absolute best and cheapest way is to use an online divorce service – that way you do not need an attorney.

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Divorce in CA without an attorney

There are numerous online divorce websites; therefore, it requires the provision of outstandingly excellent services to stand out from the multitude. Although this is not easy, has managed to rise from the crowd and for this reason, we have ranked it as the number one site for completion and submission of divorce papers. After a thorough review, we came to the conclusion that offers close to flawless services.

This dynamic website was set up in 2002 and since then it has served over a million divorces. It has enabled its clientele to easily and freely file for divorces without the need for an attorney. Impressively, this site has achieved this while maintaining a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, which is the highest possible.

It is quite similar to as it offers free registration and qualification of up-to-date divorce forms. Additionally, it also features a step by step guidance that helps users to fill out forms appropriately. Furthermore, it also compiles all the answers into a print-ready downloadable form. This is to convenience users who choose to file for divorce through the local circuit court.

Another huge point is that filing for divorce in California without an attorney is not a problem, because they serve all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, and also some support outside the US.

What distinguishes from other similar websites?

This website is the one we are particularly impressed with because it goes far beyond offering users the basic do-it-yourself divorce process. It provides other beneficial services to make the divorce process less tedious. It has some services that make it superior to competing websites such as,, and

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One service that makes this site stand out is the provision of an actual case manager for each divorce petitioner. This case manager is an easily reachable professional who the petitioner can contact directly either by calling or email. Most importantly the website doesn’t charge any additional cost for this service; it is included in the website package price of just $159.

Another beneficial service that this site offers is the preparation of legal forms to formalize online divorces, legal separation, and annulments.

What more is that this is the only website that not only helps you file your divorce papers but also serves your spouse. In our opinion, this is a big plus because no other site is offering such a service!

Additionally, many reputable attorneys recommend because they recognize and acknowledge that this site offers accurate, up-to-date information, closely supervises the entire process, and is also upfront about informing users that do-it-yourself divorce is not for everyone.

Our review may seem like a mere claim, but a factor that heavily contributed to this glowing recommendation is the fact that this divorce site has an overwhelming number of excellent reviews on both the eKomi Feedbacks loop and on the Certified Comments Feedback loop. Nothing indicates excellence like real testimonials from satisfied customers. informs users that the services it offers are especially suitable for low or no-conflict divorces where the spouses can communicate amicably and reach a peaceful agreement concerning the division of marital assets as well as child custody.

Apart from all these outstanding services, also maintains an extensive video library that details the divorce papers. These videos come in handy in helping users have a vivid understanding of the entire divorce process.

This review would be incomplete without looking at what people are saying about on social media. After all, the great reviews on social media are more telling than the reviews written by people who follow the site. This site boasts of a Facebook fan page that has likes exceeding 20,000, and these likes are growing on a daily basis! If you are looking for a divorce site that can help make the divorce process a breeze, without the hassle and costs of using a lawyer, then this website is the best option for you.

In conclusion provides users support that goes beyond basic automated assistance; it offers additional services that make the divorce process less complicated and shows you step-by-step how to file for divorce in California without a lawyer.

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